Windows 10 in Desktop as a Service | Every day, we use Windows all over the world for work on a daily basis. Today, more than ever, it is essential to move business to other workplaces and work from anywhere.

When we talk to our partners as they navigate this new digital age, they need to equip people with devices that enable everyone, at every level of the organization, to do their best work. To do this, we need to give them the means to deploy and update from a single dashboard, deliver essential applications to every user, provide secure access to corporate networks and resources, and obtain the data storage needed to allow users to easily access their data from any device. And given their many competing demands, our partners tell me over and over again that they need this solution to be cost-effective, secure and simple to deploy. They need it to work seamlessly with Windows and other tools and experiences – including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Edge and OneDrive for Business – that people know and want. And they need it today.

That is why we developed DaaS, Desktop as a Service, which is a cloud configuration with Windows 10. The cloud configuration is a set of recommended configurations that uses the technology infrastructure you already have – Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Windows 10 and applications – to save you time and money while providing your employees with the right device to do their jobs. With cloud configuration, your users benefit from a familiar Windows interface and productivity applications, while your administrators benefit from a familiar management experience. All you need is a PC, a tablet with internet access… the rest we’ve taken care of for you with the DaaS product.  In addition to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Edge and OneDrive for Business, the cloud-based configuration allows you to securely deploy Win32 and industry-critical applications, either directly on the device or via virtualization.

To adopt the cloud configuration today, visit our new website for a step-by-step guide to get started. We are also working on a more complete integration of Desktop as a Service to further automate the process. And in the coming weeks, we will be announcing more innovations that will make your job easier. we-IT GmbH strives to make management more cost-effective, simpler, easier to adopt and easier for you.

As we all strive to re-imagine work for a new digital era, we are listening to you. we-IT GmbH creates solutions that meet your needs today, while helping you imagine the possibilities of tomorrow. Check out the new we-IT GmbH website today and stay tuned for more announcements to come.