Every business can suffer the detrimental effect of cyberattacks, if lacking the appropriate cloud antivirus protection. Malicious threats have become even more alarming in recent years due to how fast and effective they have become in evading all firewalls and common antivirus software. This has also been confirmed by recent statistics in multiple renowned journals, claiming that there are over 300 million different viruses known to the IT sector up to date. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. We are well aware that hackers are inventive as they are constantly coming up with new phishing threats and bypass techniques every day in order to evade the latest antivirus detection systems.

All this being said, we raise the question about development of security software and cloud antivirus systems to help stop cyber attacks. Hackers are always going to be looking for security gaps but well-developed and maintained antivirus software, which is deployed from the cloud should be more than capable to provide all-round data protection to client desktops!

Cloud Antivirus – The Real Gamechanger

Making new malware variants has become a major industry in the cyberspace. With that, the treats are getting higher in numbers and generally harder to detect by common antivirus software. Cloud antivirus is an ingenious solution that provides comprehensive system security because it is deployed and managed from a cloud server by a managed service provider (MSP) such as we-IT. Previously, companies had to think about their own on-premise technology, in-house monitoring and heavy workload management of their IT staff. Daily maintenance, debugging and adding additional security to the existing antivirus systems on-premises are just few of the duties added to the big list of things employees need to think about in the past. The cloud made a big breakthrough for how easy and effective antivirus software could be managed externally, without adding any burden to your IT teams.

Easy definition

If we get deeper into the technical aspect of what cloud antivirus really means, we ought to mention cloud servers and how they are used for offloading the antivirus software. It works on the principle of provisioning cloud software to end devices of virtual desktop users, without using up any of the processing power within their local PCs. Your cloud provider is deploying an antivirus application which connects to their web service, managed at their data center. Your data then gets analyzed and the appropriate countermeasures are forwarded to the computer of the desktop user.

To Cut Thing Short

By using a cloud antivirus software, you trust that your security provider is monitoring your desktop service at all times and eliminating all malicious threats as they come. What you also need to know is that this security management system makes perfect use of the cloud space, by freeing up a lot of useful storage capacity and operating power on your end devices, while keeping all the necessary information safely on a cloud database!

What are the benefits?

We already mentioned few of the benefits from having a cloud antivirus software, rather than using a traditional computing solution on each and every endpoint device. Once you choose to deploy your desktop from a third-party provider and make use of DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service), you basically hire them to keep your security systems up and running at all times. Your IT teams will find themselves having a lot of extra free time to focus on their core functions, while expert cloud teams like we-IT will look after your system by scanning and analyzing your data for treats and newly emerging malicious attacks. Cloud-based antivirus software is a great solution because of how vast the cloud database is for storing information about new and old treats on our cloud servers.

Better endpoint protection is guaranteed with cloud desktop solutions and their integrated security software. We have a large catalog of hacker attempts and computer virus codes that we keep growing from experience and consistent monitoring practice.

Updates and patching are another added benefit to using cloud-based antivirus software, as we service all of these for you remotely from our data centers.

Are There Any Challenges With Using Cloud Antivirus Software?

Using cloud computing solutions instead of trafitional software installation on endpoint devices has proven many times to be the better alternative in the context of system security! However, there could be challenges with using these solutions, if you haven’t turned to a trusted provider to provision your antivirus software. In a misfortunate scenario where the network of your MSP goes down, your system security will be compromised, and you certainly don’t want that. we-IT is deploying your desktop environment and the respective antivirus software from multiple cloud locations, in order to eliminate any chance of interrupting your service, in cases of failure or server malfunction.You should also bear in mind when choosing on your cloud provider that virus monitoring and behavior analysis of IT systems requires real expertise in the field. Thus, keeping informed of your cloud provider’s antivirus management prcatices should also be a top priority for your business, if you are only just moving to the cloud.

All in all

Cloud antivirus softwares have eased the burdens on many IT teams globally. Thanks to this ingenious solution, managed by specialists extrenally, you can have the peace of mind that your systems are fully functional and and in safe hands at all times.

You can check our page for more information on our DaaS solution and our cloud antivirus monitoring and management approach.