Why is the CIA approach of your cloud provider so important?

Transitioning to the cloud for deploying apps or desktops from third-party vendors requires you to trust who you hand over with your company data. The CIA model implemented by cloud providers is important for clients who want to know all about the data security practices of their cloud vendor and how well their internal proprietary information will be safeguarded against cyberattacks. By now, we are all aware of the creeping risk from phishing threats and the harm which can be done if this happens to become a data breach. This is why knowing about your cloud provider and their CIA approach can help you navigate better through this space and find the best and the safest cloud solution for your business.

Again, the main theme in the cloud conversations becomes information security by gaining an understanding of some established industry standards and practical approaches. The CIA stands for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability and these are the three main features of data protection policies that cloud companies implement to keep your data safe and available at all times.

When does the CIA approach become important?

Learning about the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability practices of companies offering cloud services means that you are already one step ahead of the race. You already know about the potential of cloud technology and how much it can offer to small and mid-sized businesses, lacking the big capital resources to invest in in-house server architecture. Multi-tenant cloud providers like we-IT offer managed IT services like DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) to a number of clients worldwide. This is why our CIA approach to safeguarding your data is so important to you and every other customer of ours. Finding out about the data security practices must be done ideally in the early stages before you have established a contract with the provider.

CIA in more detail

Searching for more information about the CIA approach in the search engines may take to a number of landing pages talking about the Central Intelligence Agency. This should not bring you down in your research when looking online to know more about the safety practices utilized by your cloud vendor of choice. Getting a quote and finding out more about their individual approach is always a good place to start before moving to the cloud.

What do Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability mean in business language?

Confidentiality is the safe data practice that cloud providers promise to implement to their customers with all the individual data safety policies which you will see in your agreement with the company. This is the main aspect of this approach, which uses the industry’s standards to monitor the cloud infrastructure and prevent unauthorized access into the applications from the user end side. When investigating what are the confidentiality practices as part of the cloud provider, you can look into the level of protection, privacy controls, and firewall which will keep your data safe at all times.

The Integrity aspect of the CIA approach from cloud companies focuses on the completeness and the good management of customer data. This should again require a level of security controls that prevent data from being changed or modified intentionally or in error. The integrity of your company data is as important for your day-to-day operation just as your safety against cybercrime. This is why you need to be well informed of the life cycles of your data in the hands of our cloud provider.

Availability is the third key aspect of the CIA operational model by a lot of cloud providers. It has a crucial say in the cloud management strategy of your third-party vendor and how smooth does their service run at any point during the day. Looking for a virtual desktop solution that operates uninterrupted at all times and it does not leave you experience downtime or unwanted disruptions must be your end goal. You don’t want any gaps in the management of your data that are leaving the chance of human error or technical failure to have a negative impact on your service availability.

What is the take-home message about CIA?

Knowing about the CIA approach of your future or your current cloud provider is of great importance to you. Every business should take responsibility to find out about the data security principles of cloud providers and their capability to give you a highly available and safe cloud service when you are connected to the shared network.