Physical desktops vs. DaaS


Physical desktops are becoming a less popular choice for companies operating remotely. As it’s been firmly established already, DaaS offers many compelling benefits for businesses of all sizes which beat physical desktops by functionality and systems security. Whether Desktop-as-a-Service is put in perspective together with traditional physical devices or Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the virtual cloud desktop solution outstrips its competitors by all means.

Before we proceed to explain the differences in benefits between choosing physical devices with a traditional desktop environment and DaaS, we must make a clear comparison in the types of internal infrastructure required from both. If businesses opt for physical desktops, they need to purchase a whole fleet for each and every company employee.

Business can reduce their capital costs by 56% with a cloud desktop solution …


If businesses go for physical desktops, they need to deep deeply into their CapEx budgets for the year. This, however, wouldn’t be the case with a desktop virtualization solution like DaaS, which is developed, managed, and provisioned to the personal devices of all staff externally, by third-party cloud vendors like we-IT. That ultimately takes away the burden from businesses into buying large fleets, servicing them by themselves, and having recurrent hardware and software costs. Altogether, price-wise DaaS comes at a much better price compared to what your bill would look like with all added costs of managing multiple physical devices and performing regular maintenance in order to keep them up and running at full capacity.

What other compelling benefits are there of DaaS compared to traditional physical devices?

Better mobility of your employees.


Using traditional physical devices can be quite limiting for your employees. In order to meet the desktop requirements of the company and support the necessary applications, PCs are often larger and impossible to carry. DaaS on the other hand allows workers to access their workstation with all pre-installed apps and configurations from any endpoint device.

Better security against hacking attempts


Physical desktops can easily be hacked or get in the wrong hands if stolen or lost. This puts all the information that is stored internally at great risk. Once the device is missing, there is little you can do to prevent the loss of sensitive data. DaaS resolves problems like these by keeping your data safe at all times while it’s being saved on remote cloud servers. In the unfortunate event of losing your laptop or tablet, your cloud provider can prevent unauthorized access into the desktop environment and thus reduce the risk of a data breach. This also means that your corporate LAN will be fully protected against all viruses, malware, and other malicious threats.

It’s less time-consuming to deploy DaaS than have physical desktops up and running …


At first glance, one may think that purchasing a fleet of physical desktops may solve all your problems in no time. That is not really the case if your functionality and data security are made your priority! Corporations may need quite a few weeks, up to months before they have all company laptops up and running with the latest software and operational systems. DaaS could help businesses save a lot of time by providing them with all the necessary resources to get cloud desktops deployed and configured with all the necessary updates and software installations within hours or days. This can save a company a lot of downtime and improve the performance and productivity of the employees in that time.

Final words


Desktop-as-a-Service has many already established benefits which outcompete both physical desktops and on-premise virtualization technology. Bottom-line is that cloud desktops help companies increase their productivity at no extra costs while having their employees equipped with a high-performing desktop service at all times. Spending unthinkable sums on expensive laptop fleets and keeping the security and functionality of the physical desktops are also tasks from history. DaaS gives you a comprehensive solution that meets your exact business needs!