We are happy to announce that we-IT has achieved a Silver Partner status to provide two highly advanced Microsoft solutions made for Azure cloud: Cloud Platform and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. 

What do these cloud solutions mean for a Silver Partner?

Cloud Platform


Achieving a Silver Partner cloud competency on the Azure Cloud requires the vendor to meet a number of certain criteria and to demonstrate deep knowledge in specific areas related to Microsoft products. Once the technicians pass the examinations and get certifications for the Cloud Platform competency, they are qualified into the best practice of migrating, deploying, and maintaining managed services or applications on Microsoft Azure. The team should be fully capable to show expertise in various fields of tech including implementation and support of the cloud platforms. There are a range of roles that the Silver Partner employees should pass with a certification in order to gain the competency: Developer, Administrator, Architect, and Data Engineer roles.

Silver Partners for Cloud Platforms are demonstrating skills at accelerating deployment, sales, and maintaining services built on the Azure cloud. They are also entitled to unlimited cloud support by Microsoft, which allows the Silver Partner to stay up to date with the latest cloud and on-premise products as well as gain insights into troubleshooting common issues with the platforms.

Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions


As all of us have witnessed as a trend last year, the adoption of cloud services became a trend that is continuing still today. Working remotely became the new normal for a number of companies globally, which had to face the growing challenges of securing their workforce and their corporate data from new and old malicious threats. This Cloud Solution proves the capabilities of the Silver Partner to deliver security and cloud productivity to small and mid-sized business customers.


As a Silver Partner of Microsoft for Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, we-IT can help businesses that are less technically prepared to move to the cloud successfully and use a bespoke solution that works for their specific purposes. The managed services provider should also be able to provide maintenance and support for various technical queries that the client has with regard to their cloud services. However, the main benefit of this Microsoft silver competency is the ability of the cloud partner to understand the business development needs of their clients and to be able to cater to them with comprehensive solutions meeting those exact needs. This is where cooperation is key and helping customers achieve their digital transformation becomes a real skill in the industry. Silver Partners are qualified to recognize those needs and endorse their clients with technical expertise to achieve more efficient operations and faster capital growth through using the valuable assets of the Azure cloud platforms.

Why does a Silver Partner status mean for Azure products?


we-IT has so far successfully achieved a Silver Partnership with Microsoft on various cloud solutions built for Azure. The next step forward for our company as part of our growth strategy is building the experience and the customer consumption to become a Gold Partner of Microsoft for delivering best-in-class cloud-hosted solutions to all business clients.

Many people may wonder why do companies like we-IT pursue silver and gold status in providing Microsoft solutions that focus mainly on Azure. The answer to this is rather simple. The majority of our business clients, which move to deploy their desktop services on the cloud, are already Microsoft clients using tools, physical infrastructure, or licensed OS. This makes transitioning to Azure more natural and seamless by integrating the existing client infrastructure into the new cloud applications that are offered by Microsoft. The technology behind these solutions is also highly advanced and secure, which makes the demand for these top-quality cloud solutions high in the present times, and in the near future.