Legal firms that have set their mind to exploring the cloud may be surprised to find out that there is a sea of options to choose from for their software needs. There is a growing trend of law companies leaving their on-premises infrastructure for more cost-effective and easy-to-operate cloud-based models, which require no technical know-how and give them better flexibility with their operations altogether.

The cloud is becoming a centerpiece of the digital transformation movement for many industries, including the legal sector. Many software vendors have already seized this trend and agreed to adopt a cloud-first approach and deliver what the market demands: scalable, flexible, and highly available cloud-hosted solutions offered to legal customers as-a-service. 

In this blog, we are looking at some of the most popular software solutions on the cloud for law firms that can be found online as SaaS or DaaS offerings on a pay-per-use subscription basis.

Software for legal firm management


The software solution for practice management takes a central place in every law firm’s essential operational toolkit. This application stores a lot of information regarding cases, clients, and the practice’s billing accounts. There are also calendars, schedules, and time tracking functions of these types of software solutions that allow executives to govern the functionality of the workflow both front-of-office and back-off-office. Currently, law practices can choose between cloud-based legal management solutions and web-based ones, which are ultimately a lot less secure. If you are looking for more protected software on the cloud, it’s always better to trust the well-established deployment and security approach of SaaS and DaaS-based management solutions.

Accounting software for law firms


Some law firms prefer to keep their accounting separate from general practice management. This is why developers have come up with stand-alone solutions that work only for billing, invoicing clients, and handling the whole accounting workload of the practice. There are quite a few cloud-based applications that are dedicated to keeping the legal finances on track as they give customers access remotely to the most essential accounting functions including payables, chart of accounts, receivables, invoicing, and operating accounts. This way, your legal practice will have the full flexibility of managing your finances from anywhere without having any security concerns or latency issues when working remotely over the internet.

Management of legal documents


Another cloud-based software solution for legal firms that you can find available online is the tool giving you full control over your virtual paperwork. Depending on the specific needs of the legal practice, there are different software solutions with basic functions and ones with a greater range of functions. The rudimentary options are always limited to managing and searching tools while the extended versions allow you to index documents, scan, send faxes, perform audit trails and perform a lot more comprehensive document management than the basic solution.

Legal CRM


Like any other business, legal firms also have their sales to manage if they want to stay competitive and profitable. This is where cloud-based legal CRM comes to the rescue. With these software solutions, legal practices can store the contacts and information of their new, existing, and prospective customers in a centralized platform for future use. A CRM system on the cloud is highly secure and it helps law firms to manage their most important asset smartly by looking at previous history, trends, and new ways to convert prospective clients to existing customers.

Legal payments


The cloud-based software for legal firms is developed to cover all sides of the business, including secure online payments. Being able to receive payments from clients without having to worry about the financial security aspects of the whole process is a real revelation for law firms these days. These applications are made specifically for the legal sector and they give firms a cloud-based payment service with different functions such as authorization and clearing. These systems are highly automated and secure and the transactions are processed in seconds over the internet from anywhere in the world.

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