Why should you know about DaaS features?

Finding a quality Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution can prove to be more challenging for some businesses more than it is for others. The main reason for this being the plethora of choices on the cloud marketplace, which advertise the same or similar-looking features of their DaaS products.

In this article, we want to help you understand the most beneficial features of cloud desktop solutions and recognize what you actually should be looking for in a DaaS.

One of the greatest benefits of using desktops that are deployed from the cloud is being able to connect to your workstation remotely from any corner of the world. The only consideration with DaaS is making sure you have a stable internet connection so that you can rely on a smoothly running desktop environment at each endpoint device. Outsourcing your desktop environment to a cloud provider like we-IT also means that you are not to worry about any maintenance and IT support-related issues. DaaS has many other great features which you should watch out for when choosing your cloud desktop provider.

Easy pricing

One of the best features of DaaS is undoubtedly its cost-effectiveness as an alternative to in-house virtual desktop technology. This is why finding a solution that is easy to get an estimate for – per month and per year of usage – should be your objective at the early start. Stumbling upon overpriced DaaS offerings, or ones with many hidden fees is not uncommon in the cloud marketplace. Our next advice is to find a solution that charges you only for the subscription of desktop workstations that come ready-to-use. Ideally, you should have all your software licensing included in your subscription plan, guaranteeing you full functionality, round-the-clock data monitoring services, and regular service maintenance for all employee desktops.

Simple Integration of Local Devices

Another very useful feature of DaaS is integrating your local devices easily to your desktop workstations. No other virtual desktop solution is so easy and straightforward to use with newly added devices such as printers, scanners, tablets, and so on. End users do not need to think about configuring their driver installations themselves as they can now rely fully on their cloud desktop provider to resolve these issues for them. There is also the possibility of using an automatic integration feature with your DaaS, which you could arrange with your cloud vendor in advance. Time to receiving support for your IT queries is also of ultimate importance when you are choosing your Desktop-as-a-Service provider! Our team handles any maintenance and servicing-related questions 24/7 with clients from all over the world.

Licencing is Flexible

Flexible licensing is one of the top features of using DaaS as your desktop solution. In other words, ‘flexible’ means that you are able to choose which software will be integrated into your desktop environment and you will receive the full licensing as part of your cloud desktop subscription. Once again, there should not be any hidden fees with using an upgraded version of some software applications and making full use of all of their useful features. we-IT is a cloud provider which offers complete transparency on how flexible your licensing is. Our DaaS plans allow all clients to use all-included licensing for  Microsoft 365 on their desktop workstations, without leaving them to worry about patching, upgrades, and extra features.


Good DaaS solutions can be recognized by the ability of the provider to up and down-scale your desktop environment- by adding and removing new tenants on demand. You don’t want to be spending time waiting on new workstations being created for your new starts and wasting the valuable time of your employees. ‘Scalable’ cloud desktop feature also means that you can get your applications quickly as part of your deployment, and you won’t experience any downtime with getting the software up and running at each workstation.

Exceptional Availability

One of the most well-known useful features of DaaS is its exceptionally high availability. What this means for customers is relying on a desktop environment that is rigorously monitored for security threats and using a service that is fully operational at all times. Our team is working tirelessly at our data center locations to make sure that your cloud desktop environment is reliable and your service will never be interrupted.

There are plenty of useful features that DaaS has to offer to customers. Finding a comprehensive Desktop-as-a-Service solution that ticks these five boxes for these main features is a great place to start when you are looking out for the right plan for your business.

If you want to know more about the individual DaaS features and our folio of subscription plans, you can contact us for more information!