SSL certificates and inventory management systems are of utmost importance to e-commerce businesses and websites generating sales online. Both of them help organizations gain a customer base by establishing a secure and streamlined technology that works in favor of everyone accessing or running the pages over the internet.

In the next few sections, we will be looking at SSL certificates and Inventory Management Systems individually so that you can get a wider view of the benefits of these technologies for your business.

What is an SSL certificate?


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layers and it is a global standard of security used by over 600,000 organizations globally. These are practically small-size data files that contain an encrypted key, unique to the organization, thereby giving the website the needed security credentials to run securely on the client-server.

How does SSL work?


SSL certificates work by activating an HTTP protocol when there’s a new connection to the website. This way, the user who accesses the platform and makes payments for their purchases can rely on a secure connection that will ensure that their credit card details and other data transfers are being carried out safely.

What are the main uses of SSL certificates?


As previously mentioned, SSL certificates are used mainly for maintaining the data security between servers. They go through a number of checks that allow financial transactions to take place securely while all data is safely transferred from one end to the another. These systems are also helping web pages score high on search engines like Google by boosting the credibility of the platform on the web. If you own an e-commerce business, this tool can help you boost both your security and customer satisfaction by increasing trust and automation in the online platform. Many of our clients who use SSL certificates report higher conversion rates due to all the aforementioned factors.

What happens when your SSL expires?


When your SSL expires, it becomes disconcerting for both you and your customers. Expired certificates appear on your website as a message containing a warning that the website is not safe to use. This mishap can result in losing valuable customers, and what’s worse, creating a gap in security that could lead up to data loss and breach. With that said, a company should always ensure that their websites have active SSL certificates by outsourcing or implementing reliable monitoring solutions which will keep their website safe from such issues.

Why is SSL monitoring required?


Tracking expired certificates manually can be a tough job even for skilled IT teams. This is why organizations use application managers as monitoring tools that help them manage their platforms more easily. With technology like that a company or a services provider like we-IT gains visibility over the details of the SSL certificates so that expiry issues never happen for the client website. If you rely on a monitoring system to look after your security credentials, you will always have the peace of mind that your content is delivered seamlessly, all financial operations are handled securely at all times and your customers are always happy with the services you provide.

Inventory Management Systems: Functions & Benefits


Despite what most people seem to think, Inventory Management Systems are not only used by the retail sector. Even though online retailers do rely on this application heavily, there are many other industries such as healthcare and education, which need to maintain their inventory and control the flow of supplies with the use of technology.

Inventory Management Systems integrate hardware, software, and maintenance procedures which allow businesses to oversee the movement of their stock in real-time. This could be anything from retail goods, raw materials, manufactured items, or anything that moves between a warehouse facility and the end customers. These systems use hardware for scanning tags and software that allows businesses to maintain a database in a centralized location with all their inventory. You can use systems like that to get important insights into your data, how your stock moves, and ultimately make more accurate financial forecasts for your business.

final words


Keeping a business run smoothly and securely online requires tools that enable safe access to the website as well as an organized inventory management system. Both of these systems are very useful not only for e-commerce platforms but for anyone who is running a business online!

If you are interested to find out more about our SSL monitoring tool and Inventory Management Systems, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry!