If you want your business to be successful, you need the processes, resources, and experts to support the provision of high-quality services or products. The problem is that having an expert in all fields within the company can be a costly and challenging undertaking. So, here’s where the outsourcing business model comes to your rescue. A third-party IT procurement solution is no different in that sense. It is in fact designed to help your company save by leveraging IT talent and technology that work for your business, not against it.

How does an outsourced procurement solution surpass in-house procurement?


Choosing a trusted provider to handle your IT procurement will help your business run more smoothly. It is the responsibility of the third-party company to ensure that you are using a cost-effective solution that gives you better savings with regard to your IT infrastructure and software applications. Procurement vendors like we-IT have many years of experience in supplying companies with optimized solutions, which are driven by long-established partnerships with other leading companies, ICT firms, and hardware manufacturers in the IT sector. Employing an in-house team to do your procurement simply does not guarantee that you can count on expertise and quality infrastructure that meets your budget limitations.

How do you benefit from an IT procurement solution?

Cost savings


One of the definite benefits of using a third-party solution to take care of your procurement is that you face smaller overhead costs than what you will get with an in-house team maintaining your systems. You won’t need to overspend on employing expert teams, keeping an office space, and management software that allows effective procurement. Companies that outsource their IT procurement cut back on staff costs in addition to hardware and software costs, provided by expert strategists in the trade. This way, your company can focus its efforts and saved overhead costs on new developments and core tasks that are central to your business.

Better opportunities


The equivalent of an effective outsourced solution is a better quality of services and product procurements. If you employ a third-party company to give you the best deal on the market, you practically make a small investment with big returns. Procurement experts maintain big databases with local and international suppliers, which are best in class in their marketplace. This allows you to use a finely tailored solution that works right for your needs. There will be more software and hardware vendors to choose from, without compromising on price or quality.

Agile business model


Outsourcing procurement gives you better flexibility in today’s fast-paced business world. Technology advances continuously and procurement vendors know that firsthand. In-house systems are traditionally stiffer when it comes to procurement implementation in accordance with new solutions that have better advantages. A third-party company, on the other hand, works closely with software and hardware vendors, thus ensuring the best competencies along with the latest market trends in technology provisioning.

Higher productivity


Hiring in-house staff to do your IT procurement does not guarantee you better cost savings or productivity. Some businesses have a false notion that keeping an in-house team gives them better control over their spending and more streamlined operations within the company unit. However, this is often not the case for smaller and mid-sized businesses that lack the expertise and the experience, to ensure higher automation and efficiency in the system management. IT procurements solutions are highly streamlined and are made to serve your business model operationally as well as financially. You will get a smoother procurement process that is made to fit your company’s needs front and center.

What does outsourced IT procurement give to your business?


With a third-party procurement solution, you get high-quality infrastructure that meets your industry’s needs. This includes all hardware devices that you may need such as desktops, laptops, tablet devices, workstations, and PC accessories. What’s more, you will be supplied with network devices and conference-room equipment that support the backbone of your entire operations.


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