2020 was a great year for Microsoft Teams because of how workloads were beginning to be managed remotely across many industries. This trend is continuing up until now full-force, thanks to the big positive impact this Microsoft service has had on ongoing projects and collaborations. All that we previously knew to be running in a face-to-face office setting shifted to the digital space, with the help of the global network, and the invaluable in these times- cloud services.

It was reported by several trusted online sources that Microsoft Teams saw an unbelievable usage surge in Italy, with an over 775% increase in March last year. This was not surprising due to the shelter-in-place orders after the first big wave of the pandemic outbreak in the country that took its biggest hit during this time. This rapid and unexpected rise in demand for collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams was also estimated to be as substantial as 900 million minutes worth of online meetings and calls across the whole country. All of this underlines how massive the strain and the expectations were from Teams to maintain the communication and information exchange between businesses, heavily relying on digital tools for their core functions.

Microsoft Teams Explained In Short

Microsoft Teams is a service powered by Microsoft as part of their very well-known Office 365 suite. Recognized as a hub for teamwork and collaboration, Microsoft Teams allows users to perform audio and video calls, along with its instant messaging feature.

User Interface of Microsoft Teams

Once users begin to navigate through the service interface, they immediately get to see the range of capabilities it has for making conference conversations more versatile than what other applications in that class have to offer. Using the mobile version of the product also makes it easier for Microsoft Teams users to collaborate remotely, without experiencing limitations or compromising on the interface quality.

Why is it great for the cloud?

You may not know this fact, but Microsoft Teams was programmed entirely for existing and operating on the cloud. This explains a lot why it works flawlessly with cloud products like DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Services). Another great benefit from using an IT service that was designed for being managed on cloud servers is certainly the enhanced security you get with sharing your data safely, according to the latest standards in the cloud industry.

Why is it better than other known collaboration tools?

Most of you have probably heard or used some of Microsoft’s competitor collaboration applications and services. Zoom Video Communications is aligning strongly with Microsoft Teams, even though it was a pioneer and a frontrunner in this space before Microsoft came up with its own product alternative. These two are closely competing for functionality and availability of using the services, as they are both predicted to grow and develop substantially over time.

What different features does Microsoft Teams have with DaaS?

When choosing a cloud-hosted solution like DaaS, you are making better use of Microsoft Team’s capabilities. In that case, licensing of your Microsoft service is not required as it comes as part of your Desktop-as-a-Service subscription package. Quality cloud vendors like we-IT must provide all the necessary installations. which would normally require individual configuration and licensing on each end device of your end-users. Examples of these additional features that come as extra benefits to using cloud-based solutions are Cloud Voice, made for advanced audio conference calls, and Life Events, known as the feature replacing Skype Meeting Broadcast. Of course, they’re a lot more added features to Microsoft Teams, which solutions like DaaS give you free access to and no trouble when it comes to licensing ( i.e. Chat, Private Channels, Apps, Screen Sharing, Connectors, etc.).

How is Microsoft Teams better than anything else on the marketplace?

The greatest thing about Microsoft Teams is its exceptional functionality across all the different service bundles. Whether or not you are choosing a paid subscription to the product, you will still be using the best service Microsoft has to offer. This is some wonderful news from the Microsoft corporation, who are planning to expand their operations even further and gain bigger traffic with users utilizing this innovative collaboration tool. Extended chat threads for new users is only one of the many features Microsoft is planning to develop in order to make your user experience seamless and more productive.

There is no other service for quick and effective information exchange like Microsoft Teams. We encourage you to check in more detail what are its individual capabilities and all the benefits you get when using a DaaS solution together with Microsoft Teams.