IT-Sicherheit für SMBs: Schutz vor Ransomware und anderen Bedrohungen

In the past, IT-Security was primarily seen as a concern for large enterprises. These businesses typically had a lot of valuable assets to protect, including sensitive data, valuable technology, and their reputations. Attackers were aware of this and focused their efforts on targeting major retail stores, healthcare providers, and financial institutions. When a major target was successfully breached, it often made headlines.

However, things have changed. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are heavily reliant on technology, while attackers have access to a more advanced set of tools and techniques. This shift has put small and mid-sized organizations in the crosshairs of attackers, creating a perfect storm:

  • Small businesses often don’t have the budget or expertise to properly manage IT and protect themselves against cybersecurity threats. Without the resources to hire and retain security talent, they are vulnerable to cybercriminals.
  • Mid-sized organizations may have some internal IT staff and a general understanding of security, but they often struggle to manage the complex web of software and human layers needed to defend against determined attackers.
  • To overcome these challenges, many small and mid-sized businesses turn to service providers or value added resellers to fill in the gaps and provide the necessary security capabilities.

we-IT offers a unique solution for small and mid-sized businesses by providing a powerful combination of software and human expertise to help them elevate their IT-Security. Our services are delivered through the same third-party partners that businesses are already engaged with, minimizing disruption. Our security services are comprehensive and easy to use.

The we-IT Managed Security Platform is designed to enable users to:

  • Identify open ports that could potentially expose their systems to attackers
  • Detect and remove attackers who are attempting to break into their systems in real-time
  • Protect against a wide range of viruses, trojans, and other threats with a leading antivirus solution
  • Quickly detect and respond to ransomware attacks, minimizing the spread of these devastating attacks that can cripple entire organizations
  • Detect advanced malware and persistence-enabled threats, which enable bad actors to maintain long-term access to devices or systems after bypassing other security measures
  • Respond to all of these threat types with a combination of automated scripts and actions, handwritten incident reports with easy-to-follow instructions, and a highly engaged support team
  • Augment internal staff with a global team of capable analysts and 24/7 threat hunters who provide the crucial management layer of security
  • Empower non-security professionals to increase their knowledge and education, and easily leverage our platform, even without prior cyber experience.

Eliminating Noise and Clutter in IT-Security for SMBs

One of the challenges of IT-Security is dealing with the constant noise and clutter generated by security tools. These tools are constantly scanning and observing, trying to determine if something is benign or malicious, which can result in a large number of alerts and tickets, many of which are false positives or notifications that don’t require attention. To manage these systems, businesses often need dedicated security personnel to sift through the queues and identify the important threats. This model may be feasible for enterprises, but it can be overwhelming for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

we-IT removes the clutter by manually reviewing all suspicious activity and detections. Our ThreatOps team ensures that you only receive alerts for items that require your attention, with clear distinctions between low- and high-priority items, easy execution of recommended automations, and simple instructions for any manual work that’s needed.

What’s included?

Our Managed Security Platform for SMBs includes a powerful suite of endpoint protection, detection, and response capabilities to defend against ransomware, malicious footholds, and other threats. These capabilities are backed by a team of 24/7 threat hunters.

ThreatOps for SMBs: Advanced Threat Detection and Response

The ThreatOps team is a critical component of the we-IT platform, providing expert support and guidance to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) defend against advanced threats. This team of always-on experts performs 24/7 threat hunting and investigation, removes false positives, and creates custom incident reports to help businesses remediate verified threats.

ThreatOps offers several key benefits to SMBs, including:

  • A highly trained team of experts who understand how hackers operate and can provide world-class support and step-by-step instructions to stop advanced attacks
  • Proactive 24/7 threat hunting and investigation into potential threats, along with the removal of false positives and the creation of custom incident reports to help businesses remediate verified threats
  • Ongoing analysis of hacker tradecraft and new threats to improve our capabilities

Persistent Foothold Detection and Remediation for SMBs

At the core of our platform is our ability to identify and remove persistent footholds – malware that enables attackers to maintain long-term access to compromised devices. These footholds are also a key indicator that an attacker has successfully bypassed preventive defenses. we-IT monitors for these footholds and provides actionable recommendations and one-click approval for automated remediation.

The detection and removal of persistent footholds offers several key benefits to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs):

  • The ability to catch threats that other tools may have missed and are silently dwelling in their environments
  • The ability to keep systems clean and remove any remnants of persistent actors to reduce future risk
  • Detailed analysis, incident overview, and remediation actions for each verified threat, backed by our ThreatOps team.
  • Enhancing IT-Security with Process Insights and Managed Antivirus

Visibility is a crucial aspect of detecting advanced threats, and our Process Insights feature enables businesses to detect and evict hackers faster with near real-time endpoint detection and response. By continuously monitoring process executions and associated metadata, Process Insights provides unparalleled visibility to weed out cyber threats as they happen. It also enables businesses to detect attacks at the source and capture threat actor activity between initial access and desired impact. In the event of an incident, our ThreatOps analysts can conduct near real-time forensics and hunt for threats in your network.

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Enhancing IT-Security with Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus is another feature that enhances IT-Security for businesses. Even if you’re already using antivirus software, you may not be maximizing its full potential. By providing centralized management and visibility of Microsoft Defender Antivirus, our Managed Antivirus feature allows businesses to reclaim their investment in a powerful built-in Windows resource. It enables businesses to centrally manage detections and events, monitor scans and protections, set exclusions, and execute remediation actions for all protected endpoints. It also provides greater visibility into Defender health, status, latest scan and signature updates for all hosts, bringing potential threats and detections to the surface. With Managed Antivirus, businesses can maximize their frontline protection and let we-IT help defend “left of boom”.

Ransomware Detection and Response with Ransomware Canaries

Ransomware can be a devastating threat to businesses, and it’s essential to detect and stop it as quickly as possible. Our Ransomware Canaries enable earlier alerting and investigation of potential ransomware incidents by placing small, lightweight files on all protected endpoints. If these files are tripped, our ThreatOps team will verify the threat and help businesses keep the infection from spreading.

The Ransomware Canaries offer several key benefits for businesses, including:

  • The ability to detect and remove ransomware faster, reducing risk and maximizing uptime
  • The ability to identify endpoints that have been affected by a ransomware incident, helping businesses better assess the scope of an attack and respond appropriately
  • Confidence in responding to potential ransomware attacks and getting rid of ransomware faster.

External Recon

External Recon is an important aspect of cybersecurity because it helps you to identify and protect against external vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. By monitoring for potential exposures, such as open ports connected to remote desktop services or shadow IT, External Recon can help you to uncover any configuration changes or unexpected activity that might otherwise go unnoticed. This can help you to highlight external attack surfaces and expose easy entry points before hackers find them, giving you the opportunity to improve your external security posture and secure your perimeter. The key benefits of External Recon include:

  • Highlighting external attack surfaces and exposing easy entry points before hackers find them
  • Uncovering any configuration changes or unexpected activity that might otherwise go unnoticed
  • Identifying tactical opportunities to improve your external security posture and secure your perimeter.
IT-Sicherheit für SMBs: Schutz vor Ransomware und anderen Bedrohungen

Host and Network Isolation

Host Isolation is a cybersecurity measure that involves separating an infected host from the rest of the network in order to prevent a network-wide cyberattack. This can be done manually or automatically, and it involves blocking both incoming and outgoing network activity on the infected host. While the host is isolated, it will only be able to connect to the organization’s IT team, and not to the rest of the network. ThreatOps can provide assistance with remediation steps to resolve the incident and get the host back online once it has been isolated.

This involves separating an infected network from the rest of the organization’s infrastructure – preventing the spread of an attack.
Network isolation can be triggered manually or automatically, and provides a secure, quarantined environment for the infected network. ThreatOps will provide assisted remediation steps to resolve the incident and get the network back online.

Human Threat Hunting 24/7/365

Human Threat Hunting is an essential part of cybersecurity because it helps to identify and protect against advanced threats that might be missed by automated tools. At we-IT, our ThreatOps team is composed of trained experts with diverse backgrounds, including digital forensics and military cybersecurity experience. These diverse minds enable us to hunt down hackers and provide a degree of contextual awareness, analysis, and expertise that software-only solutions cannot match. When our ThreatOps team investigates something suspicious, they dig deep to determine exactly how, where, and why that activity is present, often discovering even more than what was initially flagged. They enrich every alert we send with their analysis and the actionable intelligence needed to respond to verified threats.

In addition to responding to active incidents, our ThreatOps analysts proactively hunt for potential exposures, notify about new vulnerabilities, and identify ways to harden their security policies. They look for emerging threats and attack patterns that are designed specifically to bypass cyber defenses, and the intelligence they gather is fed back into the we-IT platform to make our software and our hunters smarter over time. Our ThreatOps team is available 24/7/365 to provide continuous protection against threats.

ThreatOps in Action – How does it work?

ThreatOps is a cybersecurity service that helps to protect against threats by collecting, analyzing, reporting, and remediating suspicious activity. The we-IT agent searches for bad actors who hide in legitimate applications, bypass other security tools, or are in the process of deploying payloads like malware and ransomware. Our ThreatOps team conducts contextually aware manual analysis of endpoint and agent surveys to pick up on hacker tactics and catch even the sneakiest threats. After investigating, a member of our ThreatOps team creates a unique incident report to share their findings and explain exactly what steps need to be taken next. The report offers simple, easy-to-understand analyses of threats and their severity and includes detailed recommendations for remediation.

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