Managed IT solutions are the cornerstone in the digital transformation journeys of many businesses today. Managed desktops or software solutions like Microsoft 365 support and promote the growth of small and mid-sized companies by giving them exclusive access to invaluable tools and technologies at a minimum cost.

Outsourcing IT solutions that are based on the cloud are known to maximize the investment and to improve the productivity and the security of your IT operations. But how?

Definition of Managed IT solutions


Managed IT solutions or Services are outsourced offerings by cloud companies and Managed Services Providers (MSPs) like we-IT, which work to improve their customer’s IT operations and overall performance end-to-end. Every client has unique business needs when it comes to their IT solutions and configurations. This is why it’s important for third-party vendors to be able to recognize the needs of their customers and to outsource comprehensive managed IT solutions to them that meet their business requirements on the dot.

What Managed IT solution is Microsoft 365?


Similar to other managed IT solutions offered currently on the marketplace, Microsoft 365 is offered as a software solution that can be integrated into the desktop environment of the company, linked to the cloud. If you are already an existing cloud customer which has migrated one or more applications to the cloud, Microsoft 365 office suite is certainly another one to consider. If you are deploying your entire desktop environment from the cloud, then adding the service package can bring plenty of tangible benefits to your business by giving your business better productivity. Either way, by choosing a Microsoft-managed solution, your company will be harnessing the power of the latest management tools like Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise, Windows 10 OS, and the most advanced Threat protection protocols safeguarding your cloud data.

What are the benefits of Managed IT solutions like Microsoft 365?


There are a number of benefits to using a managed Microsoft 365 solution other than driving business cost-efficiencies. In the next few paragraphs, we are discussing what your company can gain access to and ways in which its performance will be improved by using managed IT solutions such as Microsoft 365.

Access to IT experts


Outsourcing IT solutions like Microsoft 365 will reduce the workload off your existing IT team and give you access to the best-in-class IT support, trained to manage and maintain the cloud-based solutions up to the highest standards. Cloud vendors like we-IT have a designated team of experts that can provide you with direct line support. By submitting an incident form or a request online, each tenant using a cloud desktop workstation can address their questions and concerns directly to the third-party managed IT solutions provider.

Better productivity and collaboration


One of the greatest benefits of managing IT solutions externally is the boost in productivity that SMBs get to experience as cloud clients. Utilizing a highly performing Microsoft 365 solution that relies on proactive data monitoring can significantly improve the confidence that employees have in the operational systems. This almost certainly leads to better productivity and enhanced collaboration via the Microsoft tools provided. According to business performance stats, managed It solutions like 365 can save a day worth of work for up to 3 people in your IT team, thus giving your department more time to focus on their key functions.

Improved security and system compliance


In order to ensure that your managed IT solutions are offering your the best-in-class data security practices, you need to find a trusted cloud provider with a team of Microsoft experts and extensive experience in the field. Managing workflows in a Microsoft 365 environment and performing effective monitoring for malicious threats requires a rigorous data security approach and persistent system governance practices. By outsourcing your managed IT solutions from a reputable provider, you will also benefit from a higher compliance status and better data traceability management overall.

Boost in employee satisfaction


Last but not least comes the increase in employee satisfaction that SMBs experience with managed IT solutions like Microsoft 365 suite. Every user likes to use a well-performing cloud desktop environment that is safe and efficient at the same time. Virtual desktop solutions with an integrated Microsoft 365 suite give employees better confidence in dealing with their everyday tasks and they improve their trust in the systems in place. Quicker resolutions to problems and more enhanced collaboration also promote higher employee satisfaction as a whole!

There are a number of business benefits to using managed IT solutions. To find out more about our offerings, see our web page or get in contact with our team directly.