Cloud-based CRM explained


Most businesses these days are very well familiar with the CRM tool and the benefits it brings to organizations, but more estranged to the term – cloud-based CRM. The popular acronym stands for customer relationship management, and it helps companies keep their customer data centralized and ready-for-use. Cloud-based CRM is very much the same software but hosted on the servers of a cloud provider instead. Contrary to traditional CRM systems which require expensive in-house virtualization technology and an IT team to manage the architecture, the cloud-based alternative gives customers a comprehensive software solution only for a fixed monthly fee. Needless to say, all updates, patching, and customizations of the system are handled by the third-party vendor.

What should you know if you are new to CRM …


CRMs are used by small, mid, and large-sized companies for the same purpose of establishing close customer relations and retaining their base for as long as possible. This tool is invaluable for giving businesses the more professional edge they need when providing customer service to their clients on a daily basis.

Traditional CRM Vs. Cloud-based CRM

More advanced


It is perfectly clear that for this one the argument goes in favor of the more technologically advanced solution that is the cloud-based CRM. Instead of buying expensive software that requires regular servicing and upgrades, a lot of companies turn to cloud computing to solve all their problems. Cloud-based CRMs are built to work perfectly with the innovative virtualization infrastructure, and they also have a more user-friendly interface, proving the cloud alternative to be an upgrade to the outdated software approach.

Easy installation


Traditionally, on-premise CRMs would require a complicated installation procedure that requires certain expertise that can also be very niche. Cloud-hosted CRMs on the other hand need no skills or efforts by the customers in order to have their installation completed proficiently. Once again, the entire configuration is carried out at the back end by the cloud provider, and the whole process lasts no longer than a few hours. The system should be running seamlessly and all additional patches and adjustments are handled by the IT specialists at the cloud data centers.

Easy access


One of the best features of cloud-based CRM is undoubtedly the easy access it gives to employees at remote locations. Regardless of location, all users can operate freely with the software provided that they have a stable internet connection. This could be an invaluable asset to a company that does sales and wants to reach a prospective customer or close a deal at their own convenience, or when it’s the right time. Location in that sense is not a limiting factor since employees can access their database with any mobile device or laptop that is connected to the cloud.

Better security with cloud-based CRM


The number one reason why businesses find cloud-based software solutions a little intimidating is the lack of confidence they have in the system security of the cloud. Nonetheless, these are concerns of the past, and most businesses are not aware that cloud-based CRMs are in fact more secure than the traditional alternatives. The level of security that is achieved on cloud servers via continuous monitoring and threat detection provided the best-in-class data protection against breaches in the marketplace. No other virtualization technology at the moment has better security capabilities than managed cloud services.There are a number of additional features like two-step authentication and password protection and upgraded data recovery plans which cloud providers can offer to their clients with their cloud-based CRM.

All in all, we could confidently say that cloud-based CRM outcompetes the traditional software tool by offering more to the client at an affordable market price, and zero efforts required.

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