Offering financial services to customers can mean a lot of different things in the cloud working space. There is a variety of business clients within the sector doing something entirely unlike – from managing funds and contracts to trading with stockbrokers or possibly even working in financial institutions ruled by local governments. In all instances, trusting a cloud provider to deploy and manage sensitive financial information can be a tricky undertaking.

Nevertheless, due to the rapidly changing landscape in the financial world, driven by globalization and digitalization, the urgency to meet the sector’s high demand for reliable and secure desktop solutions is rather high. There is a big lot of virtual desktop offerings by big and small cloud desktop providers currently in the marketplace. But so very few of them can meet the high compliance standards and the great expectations for stellar virtual desktop performance.

This being said, Desktop-as-a-Service has made a breakthrough in the financial services sector by offering a better and more secure alternative to clients than ever before. Offered by trusted providers like we-IT, cloud desktop solutions have made it possible for companies in the financial industries to fully reap the benefits of the solution without having to worry about data security or experiencing difficulty with transitioning to the cloud.

What are the benefits of cloud desktop solutions for financial services?


Remote support


One of the greatest benefits of cloud desktops for financial services companies is that their in-house teams do not have to deal with day-to-day maintenance support tasks. These days, many of the employees in financial institutions are operating remotely from different locations, even countries. This makes routine resolutions for technical teams rather challenging. Cloud desktops take these worries away as the whole process is managed externally by the third-party company that likely operates round the clock.

Unbeatable data security


Becoming a victim of cybercrime in the financial services sector is one of the most widespread concerns associated with virtual desktops and third-party services. Every year, there are hundreds of financial companies that suffer big data and revenue loss due to hacker attacks online. Even though there is always a risk of becoming exposed to malicious threats, it’s a false misconception that cloud desktops are less secure than physical desktops or on-premises infrastructure. Solutions like DaaS are usually equipped with the latest infrastructure monitoring systems, as well as software and hardware tools that are made and continuously maintained by experts to prevent such mishaps. Financial services have a lot to lose in this regard, but with rigorous monitoring, appropriate access control, and other security configurations,data compromised are rather low.

Scalable cloud solution


Financial services have a special need for scalability when it comes to their desktop environments. Finding new clients and scaling up quickly is a common occurrence in the sector and a cloud desktop provider should be able to deliver a scalable solution to their clients on demand. Desktop-as-a-Service is an easily scalable solution that responds to the high market demands in the industry.


Access from anywhere


It is known for a fact that cloud desktops are good for remote access from any device and every location. Provided that the end-user has a stable and secure internet connection, Desktop-as-a-Service can be the perfect alternative for financial services employees that need to be convenient when accessing their workstations at any time and place. The type of devices used is also not a limitation with these types of virtual desktop services, which operate on every mobile and portable smart device.

Improved cost-effectiveness


Going for a cloud desktop solution in every sector means better cost-effectiveness for the company. Whether it is financial services, healthcare, or even the education sector , DaaS reduces the costs associated with expensive on-premise infrastructure or investments into big fleets of desktops for all company employees. Deploying a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy is an easy option that eliminates a lot of the financial worries that come with buying expensive infrastructure.

Customization as required


Last but not least, cloud desktops in financial services allow better customization than any other desktop solution in the marketplace currently. Different departments often have individual needs for apps to work with, which makes the job of IT teams in-house harder than it needs to be. Cloud desktops are an easier alternative that allows financial institutions to deploy the required apps externally without having to worry about customization and support themselves.

Financial services need cloud desktops


The revolution in financial services for taking up cloud desktop solutions has already started. There is an increased demand in the sector due to the greater benefits of these solutions.

To find out more about the advantages for your financial services company, please submit an inquiry and we will come back to you shortly!