Azure Cloud Technology


Azure cloud by Microsoft has established itself as a front-runner in the cloud services industry thanks to the big pool of talent, resources, and cutting-edge technology. Microsoft’s intuitive cloud-hosted platforms, offered with on-demand services have revolutionized the cloud marketplace with the high availability and reliability of their services. The successful framework laid by the Azure cloud has been utilized by independent cloud vendors like we-IT. Trusted Azure providers must have the right training and experience to manage and support Microsoft technologies comprehensively when offered to businesses as a third-party solution.

Why is the Azure Cloud so successful?


Microsoft Azure cloud market share rocketed dramatically with over 60% in just under one year- between 2017 and 2018. The success of the Azure cloud was also noted by the growing number of companies adopting cloud services internationally. According to a market report, 95% of Fortune Top 500 companies rely on Azure’s computing technology for managing their applications and data storage, thus benefitting from a more forward-thinking platform and a service.

What are the benefits for businesses that use the Azure Cloud technology?


Before we dive into explaining the individual benefits for businesses, it’s important to point out that all customers have unique needs which Azure strives to meet with all customers.


Endless scalability


The greatest benefit of the platform is its on-demand scalability which allows big and small companies to join the cloud and make use of the innovative and efficient Azure infrastructure. The critical point in this venture is understanding the individual capabilities of customers and offering them a bespoke solution with services meeting their specific needs. Boosting computing power, and storage space for instance gives businesses ultimate freedom to work at maximum capacity based on their service requirements for a required length of time.


Eliminates high hardware costs


We all know by now that the cloud eliminates unnecessary capital spendings on hardware infrastructure. Businesses now have the golden chance to turn to cloud-based services for deployment of applications and for outsourcing the high computing power of cloud providers, instead of dipping into their own budget for costly hardware infrastructure.  Utilizing the hybrid-cloud capabilities of the cloud for processing data on separate locations is also giving the Azure infrastructure a big head start over competitors.


Unrepeated high availability


Another key benefit for businesses is the unrepeated high availability that cloud providers like we-IT offer with their services. As a partner of Microsoft Silver, customers are given the highest possible reach globally thanks to the data center locations in over 140 countries. By choosing cloud-hosted services powered by Azure’s computing capacity, you are guaranteed an uninterrupted service that is available 99.95% of the time.

Unbeatable cybersecurity


Azure cloud technologies are unbeatable for their cybersecurity and the advanced encryption processes built within. The governing security principles in data centers as well as the strong cybersecurity practices in the Azure system, make these cloud services multi-layered with defenses against malware, cyber-attacks, and newly evolving threats.


Azure cloud offers better compliance features


One of the most pronounced benefits of using the Azure cloud is with certainty the advanced compliance features offered with the solutions. Cloud services give businesses the option to choose from plenty of different compliance offering specific to their industry. Whether you are in the healthcare sector, education, finance or else, you are guaranteed that the Azure cloud will have an advanced compliance feature for your business. Regulatory guidelines are fast-changing and evolving but cloud solutions operating on the principle of the Azure cloud must keep up to speed with the most recent compliance standards, put in the perspective of cloud technology.

In conclusion


The Azure cloud and cloud solutions that work according to the same guiding principles,  established by Microsoft, are paving the way for businesses in their digital transformation journey. Cloud vendors like we-IT that partner and utilize the innovation and functionality of the Azure cloud are helping the cloud space set new trends and extend to more countries, thus reaching over to small and large businesses in all business sectors.