Many of you certainly know what the Anti-SPAM System is and how it works, but others can be new to the topic and we-IT GmbH will share with you what to consider when identifying possible problems in your mailbox.
we-IT GmbH wants to show you how these filters can block or accept an e-mail.

We can talk about temporary blocking because of his reputation, more than spam, because the server does not really make an analysis of the coverage, but considers the data obtained empirically during the sending of previous emails, to accept or not the message sent, depending on the reputation created by the spam filter. However, you must remember that sending spam will greatly increase the number of emails waiting to be sent. Waiting emails essentially occur when an ISP or host only accepts a certain number of messages per hour. When this limit is reached, the server requests that the rest of the emails be sent later. The system will try to resend these emails later, this process is automatic, so there is nothing to be done manually. When this happens, those that could not be sent are placed in a send queue, hence the name of the queue. The system will continue to try to send the message according to the server’s rules. After this number of attempts, undelivered e-mails will be rejected. This is where Anti-SPAM System is crucial !

SPF Lock

The filter will simply block or penalize incoming messages when the IP is not authorized in the SPF record.

RBL or blacklists

These locking systems are already a bit more advanced and complex.

RBL is an acronym for Real-time Blackhole List the name of the first system created for blocking IPs or domains which are sending SPAM.

These companies, associations or even home users who share a list of IPs or senders who have had spam complaints, or which were detected as such on their servers.

Some are free and others paid, and email server administrators can enable a script offered by these lists so that if an email is received from Ips or senders listed, the newsletter is added to the spam folder or blocked directly.

Anti-SPAM server system from we-IT GmbH

we-IT GmbH’s servers and corporate hosting generally allow for the implementation of internal anti-spam systems that filter all messages before they are forwarded to the recipient’s various accounts. This is usually an intermediate layer between the main SPF or RBL locks and local anti-spam. we-IT GmbH has the right system for your needs and we offer the best solution. The reason why the server examines the e-mail using RBL, SPF and other systems is to eliminate spammers before checking the messages with the internal anti-spam software. These systems will only examine emails that have not been previously rejected, which is very important. Our servers examine the e-mails according to internal criteria, such as the design of the message, to compare them with e-mails sent by spammers, in addition to comparing the e-mail with other messages that have been received by users registered on the system and that have been marked as spam.

For any other questions, contact us, we are here for you – find out more about Anti-SPAM System and security services we provide!