Construction is known to be one of the most traditional sectors for adopting new technologies and reforming their existing IT infrastructure. Cloud computing has been taking over the world and the major industries by storm, thanks to its many benefits for businesses including cost-effectiveness and better team productivity. And even though the construction sector has been slightly resistant to reaping those benefits and restructuring its general approach to managing workloads, things are changing fast towards digitalization and optimization on every level.

According to surveys conducted by Sage several years apart, the interest in cloud-hosted solutions from building contractors surged by nearly 70% due to the growing popularity of affordable and easy-to-implement cloud services or products that promise to streamline the operations of workers and upper-level staff.

Better Data Management For Your Projects


Construction is known as one of the industries with the most substantial demand for data storage when it comes to managing projects. When contractors are using software solutions, they usually generate a vast library of aerial and site pictures, BIM files, and footage where the construction is taking place. This is equivalent to an enormous storage reserve on-premises or off-site, where companies can keep old and new data safe and accessible at all times. By adopting the cloud, however, there will be no hardware and data management concerns since everything can be stored securely on the servers of the provider and the resources scaled up and down on demand.

Data Safety Is Guaranteed


Even though data security on the cloud is something people are in two minds about, there is actually no better place for your business data than cloud servers. There will always be cybersecurity concerns out there for construction companies keeping their information on either public or private clouds but in the end, it comes down to the security measures in place and the experts behind the curtains who are responsible for mitigating the risk and making the infrastructure safer against possible intrusion. The cloud is created for the internet where cyber threats emerge, so this practically means that any new attempt will be caught and eliminated thanks to the advanced technologies, built for this purpose and upgraded in line with the best cybersecurity tools at that point in time. Moreover, company data is always safer away from sites on-premises or local desktops near construction zones, where disasters and loss of information could be a serious concern.

Maintenance And Compliance Costs Are Eliminated


One of the most common scenarios in the construction industry is keeping legacy systems and adding extra layers of hardware and software to their existing infrastructure so that businesses can meet the latest compliance standards. This can have a big knock-on effect on the efficiency of construction work due to the complexity of these systems when they become so convoluted and poorly managed. This is where a centralized cloud-based solution can really help construction by keeping all IT systems compact and highly available in one or more data center locations of the cloud provider. Everything on the cloud is managed, updated, and serviced by the third-party cloud vendor so your business will suffer no capital loss from installing new systems in place and integrating those with the ones that are already there.

Your Business Will Experience Much Better Productivity


This is potentially the biggest advantage to cloud desktop solutions and cloud computing technologies in general. If you are in the construction sector, it is likely that your workforce is many and distributed over remote locations where traditional desktops of on-premise ones simply won’t work. Using cloud-hosted software that allows your workers to access their desktop environment from anywhere is a great function that can be leveraged for increasing the teams’ productivity regardless of their responsibilities and their limited mobility. Cloud systems will allow everyone to collaborate quicker and more effectively by using low-latency technology that makes information exchange a real piece of cake, no matter the size and the distance. Building plans, measurements, sizeable photographs, and video files, you name it. The cloud can process all requests in no time and help you meet your project deadlines without compromising on speed or quality.

You Will Be At The Leading Edge In Your Industry


The landscape in the construction sector has changed a lot in the past few years thanks to intelligent technologies and cloud-powered solutions such as virtualized desktops. Being able to carry out small or large construction projects usually involves a large number of workers, subcontractors, third-party companies, and partnering businesses. It also requires fast and reliable tools to make sure every step of your construction implementation is planned and implemented as follows. The cloud can handle all of this and more…It has the capacity not only to simplify processes and improve your capabilities as a construction business but also boost your credibility as a company that relies on the most high-tech solutions available on the market!


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