Help desk ticketing systems are just as important for the remotely operating business on the cloud as much as the cloud providers themselves. The ability to respond to a high volume of requests from customers speaks of the high availability and reliability of the service, in this instance cloud desktop service or DaaS. Not every Managed Services Provider (MSP) offers an online help desk with a ticketing system, even though the necessity and the benefits of setting up one in place are evident.

Cloud providers and MSPs often tend to give a lot of credence to the reliability and functionality of their services and they fail to recognize the benefits that a ticketing system can bring to the customers and their employees. In the next few sections, you can find out how a ticketing system by a cloud provider could be beneficial for your enterprise and the cloud desktop users utilizing the system.

Your cloud provider can manage a high load of ticketing system requests


Choosing to go for a cloud provider that offers this help desk service ultimately means that your business will be provided with support regardless of the time or the nature of the inquiries. All of the tickets that your employees submit to the help desk are organized and dealt with timely, to ensure that there is no backlog of requests and high volumes can be resolved without a problem. A ticketing system by itself means a good organization and structured approach to tackling all support queries by priority. This way, your business will be ascertained that all requests will be responded to and the issues dealt with effectively.

High standards of customer service


If cloud providers such as we-IT offer a free ticketing system to use with the managed services package that means adding value to the customer service provided. When you are shopping for DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) you have a lot of different criteria to assess your provider by, and one of them should certainly be the quality of customer service that they offer to their clients and end-users. A ticketing system guarantees you prompt and effective responses that always end in resolution. This also eliminates a lot of downtimes that your employees might otherwise experience if they were to call, email, or resolve the issues by themselves. That is why ticketing systems are an invaluable help and a good indicator of the quality of the customer service provided.

You can be convinced of the experience and automation with servicing issues


When a cloud provider uses a ticketing system to resolve various technical queries on a daily basis, your business can rely on the fact that the company has an excellent record of queries that always get resolved. This system is very effective for storing large loads of different requests and organizing them by their specific nature and complexity. Past interactions with customers are also stored for future reference if the issues need to be reassessed and tackled by the help desk more quickly in different use cases.

Automation and proficient management


There is a huge amount of automation involved with the ticketing system, regardless of whether they are used in cloud-hosted services or other remotely operating services. The way the solution works is by collecting the requests from many sources at a time and generating a ticket. Every new query will be assigned to a ticket, which then gets distributed to the responsible technical department or dedicated specialist that will deal with the query. The assignment process also works by assessing the workload of the specialists and other technical parameters that the provider has pre-determined. Prioritizing the tickets is another important part of the automation process, which guarantees that your urgent requests will be dealt with timely and effectively.

Experience a boost in team productivity


The most significant benefit of the online ticketing system for customers is the increase in employee productivity. No matter the role, the responsibilities, or the level of access that end-users have, you can be sure that their workstations will be fully operational at all times. When a problem occurs, a resolution follows on shortly. This undoubtedly increases the efficiency of your employees by reducing the downtime of the cloud desktop workstation and all of your staff.

To find out about our help desk ticketing system, you can get in contact with one of the we-IT representatives and we will come back to you shortly!