It is no secret that transforming on-premises software into a cloud-based business model is a long-term strategy for success. The benefits for independent software vendors (ISV) are plenty but the process of migration still seems to be dreaded by many. The majority of ISVs are under the impression that moving on-premises infrastructure is a lengthy and complex process that does not match their enterprise model. Others are simply not willing to risk their compliance, the possibility of performance issues during or after transitioning, and the chance of encountering big cost overheads with relation to the migration process.

The truth is that many ISVs are aware of the benefits of a cloud-first approach for their software solutions but many still fear the transition or believe that they are not equipped to handle the whole process internally. Whether it is the transformation of the on-premises infrastructure or the business model itself, vendors need to consider the migration as a project that is worth a lot more than it takes. The reality is that adopting a cloud-first strategy does take some time and effort from the entire enterprise but the move is fully secure and guaranteed to put your business in front of the line while it helps you reach the global market. Cloud-based software offered as a service can truly expedite the growth of your company, and ultimately help you bring in higher revenue and profit than the traditional on-premise model.

Why should you move your on-premises software without concern?

Your IT costs will dip immediately after migration


If you transition your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, your capital expenditures will immediately be reduced. The whole process does not happen overnight but outsourcing your infrastructure ends up much cheaper than investing in servers, upkeep, and the maintenance of on-premises rooms with IT staff. By moving your software to the cloud, with SaaS, you can onboard as many new customers as you can handle without having to scale up your infrastructure and having to make costly investments continuously over time. Also, your customers will be able to spin up the software on their own, and on-site or remote maintenance won’t be required by your IT teams and customer service. We-IT offers software vendors and customers complimentary maintenance once the company moves its application to our cloud.

You will be able to simplify your sales and boost your topline revenue


It is not a myth that Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) generates higher revenue than the on-premises model. If your application resides on a public cloud, your provider should ideally deploy the application data from multiple data centers at a time. By doing so, your software service will be available from any geographical location to any customer that reaches out for your product. This way, you can finally concentrate more effort on your marketing and sales, rather than on-site configurations, routine maintenance, and first-time installation. Adopting a cloud-first strategy also sends a positive message to new customers that your software company has a serious commitment to staying highly relevant to the latest trends and advancements in the industry. A profitable sales approach for cloud-hosted software offered as SaaS is to offer your customers quicker entry to your pay-per-use model than what on-premises has to offer.

Less work on-premises will let you spend more time innovating your software products


Adopting a cloud-first strategy for your software ultimately means that you don’t have to spend the time of your IT teams on new set-ups, manual configurations, and a never-ending flow of upgrades of your on-premises infrastructure. Keeping each and every customer satisfied by providing assistance remotely or on-site can be a very time-consuming task for your in-house teams. If you transfer your software to the cloud, you can change the organizational structure of your enterprise by shifting more workforce into innovation and new developments. This restructuring may take time, but once your company embraces the transition, the benefits will soon follow. Your entire enterprise will finally be able to focus its collective efforts on testing new prototypes, developing new applications and releases while the sales and marketing team help bring these to market quicker and more effectively.

Moving software on the cloud may sound daunting but the benefits far outweigh the time and the effort vendors need to invest into their migration.

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