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    We take a multi-layered approach to ensure the utmost security for your data. Starting with advanced protection mechanisms like Persistent Foothold Detection, we can swiftly identify and contain threats before they can cause extensive damage. To back this up, our Security Operations Center (SOC) is manned 24/7/365 by real experts situated in three different time zones for global coverage. But we don't stop there. Understanding that the ultimate safety net in cybersecurity is a reliable backup system, we've implemented triple-redundant, ransomware-hardened backups. These backups ensure that in the worst-case scenario—you'll always have a way to recover your crucial data. Alongside this, our disaster recovery plans are designed to get your operations back to full functionality in the shortest time possible, ensuring business continuity even in extreme situations. This multi-pronged approach ensures that you're protected from all angles and can recover quickly in the face of any crisis.

    Our email archiving solution is hosted in the European Union, ensuring full compliance with GDPR regulations. Beyond just meeting the standards, we implement additional security measures such as encryption, regular audits, and restricted access to ensure your data is doubly secure.

    As part of our standard service packages, we consult, develop, and implement a robust business continuity and disaster recovery plan tailored to your organization's specific needs. These plans are regularly tested and updated to guarantee effectiveness in a crisis.

    We deploy top-tier encryption techniques across all your devices—workstations, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. This makes sure your data remains secure and inaccessible, even if your hardware is compromised.

    Our EDR system is semi-automated and operates in milliseconds to isolate any potential threats. Then our human experts in SOC centers—situated in three different time zones—take over for in-depth analysis. This provides you with a rapid yet thoroughly vetted security response.

    We don’t just focus on workstations; our patch management covers every connected device in your network, including switches, routers, access points, NAS systems, and often-overlooked firmware on various machines. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all avenues of potential exploitation are sealed off.

    We engage our clients in quarterly technology review meetings. These are opportunities to summarize developments, discuss challenges, and propose improvements, as well as to provide answers to any questions you might have. Our proactive approach helps us stay aligned with your business goals and adapt your technology roadmap accordingly.

    Our solutions offer industry-standard availability for various systems, supported by a proven track record of reliability. We offer 24/7/365 Level 3 Helpdesk availability as evidence of our commitment. For more information, visit [our successful implementations](

    Our service level agreements (SLAs) guarantee up to 30-minute response times, 24/7/365, up to Level 3. Furthermore, our average answer time on phone calls is just 7 seconds. More details can be found [here](

    Security Awareness is a cornerstone of our service. We provide customized training material to each user without overwhelming them. The training is tracked, and its efficacy is regularly reviewed, offering you a detailed insight into how well your team is prepared against cyber threats.

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    Interested in a free consultation?

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