There has been a lot of pressure on financial services to provide solutions to their remotely-operating customers that are both flexible and secure. To make sure they stay in line with the ever-rising customer demands, financial businesses need to embrace innovation in the hands of cloud-based solutions, which promises more agile desktop environments but also ones that prioritize the online security of their customers over anything.

What is the difference in user experience for financial services employees?


Using cloud-hosted desktops for financial services gives employees the same user experience as working from a physical desktop with local storage. The major difference between the two models is in the location of the data, which in the case of virtual desktops lives in remote server data centers where rigorous security is a top priority for the managed services provider. The next key difference between the two models that gives cloud desktops the outstripping capabilities of a more efficient desktop environment is the actual provisioning of the screen on the front end. With cloud desktops, your end-users will benefit from faster processing times since they won’t have to use their local hard drive to access applications. Instead, the desktops get projected on the screen and deployed from virtual machines, which makes the whole operation a lot quicker and more efficient.

How do cloud desktops give financial services better security?

Centralized management


By choosing centralized management for your desktops, you are in better control of your data security than having it scattered across multiple endpoints with compromised security status. Financial institutions are very vulnerable to cyber-attacks which is why they require more rigorous maintenance of their systems by industry specialists who understand the loopholes and the best approach to tackling network security. Patching and providing recurrent updates to the remote desktops of users in financial firms is also of key importance to keeping everyone’s workstations secure and less exposed to potential data breach accidents.

Controlled security


We already elaborated on the benefit of having centralized cloud management compared to local physical storage in terms of better efficiency and agility. The same goes for data security on the cloud versus data security on traditional desktops. Keeping your financial information stored in dedicated data centers means that your data will not leave the network as it’s all safeguarded in remote server locations, instead of the compromised local desktops with your end-users. This also means that in case of a lost or stolen device, your financial data will never end up in the wrong hands outwith your control. Another great perk of cloud desktops is that remote access can be controlled and restricted at all times, which does not put your data at risk in case of malicious attempts over the network.

Additional features


Financial institutions have always been very particular with their data security requirements due to the sensitive nature of their information online. This is where the cloud and solutions like DaaS can help by giving businesses a centralized and multi-layered approach to their data protection that leaves no room for error or unwanted leaks. Cloud-hosted desktop solutions give financial firms the option to choose between different integrated features such as anti-malware, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, and detection systems, security access controls at the different levels, two-factor authentication control, and plenty of other additional measures that will enhance their security as a remotely operating company. Financial services are no longer limited by the range of solutions and integrated features which are there to make every move online more secure and less susceptible to malicious attacks.

Compliance standards in financial services


Financial services are well known as one of the industries with the toughest regulatory standards for ensuring their business continuity. That ultimately means more challenges to be met when it comes to finding a secure cloud-hosted provider that offers compliant desktop solutions. The mandates for financial companies in different countries also vary, which makes it harder for financial services that want to expand their network globally, and still be compliant. We-IT is a cloud desktop provider with data centers all around the world. This puts financial companies on the cloud at a great advantage if they want to meet their local compliance standards and ensure their business continuity presently, but also in the future.

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