Weßling, February 2021 

we-IT GmbH in Weßling near Munich has successfully established itself internationally as a managed service provider and DaaS provider for SMEs and corporations with the expertise of a certified Microsoft partner. The dedicated experts at we-IT GmbH also provide customized IT and cloud consulting services. 

Comprehensive IT services for companies: Seize opportunities, minimize risks, strengthen core business 

The services offered by the IT full-service provider from Weßling include comprehensive IT and cloud services as well as well thought-out business continuity management, which effectively protects corporate processes from risks with significant damage potential. 

Through cloud services, we-IT relieves its corporate customers of the costs and security risks that are inevitably associated with operating a company’s own IT infrastructure.  

Outsourcing a company’s IT to we-IT as a managed service provider frees up personnel and financial resources that are additionally available to we-IT GmbH’s corporate customers to strengthen their core business. 

Certification as a Microsoft Partner enables we-IT GmbH to always offer its customers the IT solutions that best suit their individual needs. 

Cloud solutions from we-IT GmbH: Increase productivity with Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) 

we-IT’s DaaS service helps companies to significantly improve their productivity. 

The Desktop-as-a-Service service offering consists of a cloud solution in which the virtual desktop infrastructure is outsourced to we-IT GmbH’s servers. Cloud computing involves the provision of IT services via the Internet (including hardware and software) to accelerate innovation, deploy resources more flexibly, and exploit economies of scale. 

Business customers value the DaaS offering from we-IT GmbH in Weßling as a cost-effective IT solution that ensures a high level of availability and performance. The benefits of we-IT GmbH’s Daas services include improved IT performance and smooth applications. During the implementation of the DaaS applications, we-IT provides a hybrid environment, avoiding downtime during the migration. The transition to the new DaaS is facilitated by cost-effective implementation and low installation effort.  

After implementing DaaS, the required applications and virtual desktops are available to a company’s employees at any time and from any location on any end device. 

A wide variety of companies benefit from the DaaS service provided by we-IT GmbH: Desktop-as-a-Service for SMEs and competent IT consulting – for example, when teamwork is distributed across different locations or when IT is intended to be used during a business trip. Craft businesses like to use their end devices with the help of DaaS during external customer appointments. DaaS services from we-IT have also proven particularly helpful for home office work. 

Professional IT consulting by experienced we-IT GmbH consultants 

Many years of experience enable the experts at we-IT GmbH to provide comprehensive consulting services to companies of all sizes on all information and communications technology issues. In doing so, the consultants at we-IT consistently focus on the business processes of the respective company and on the specific needs in the IT area. The goal of every consultation is to optimize the efficiency of work processes and provide the best possible support for a company’s long-term growth. 

Other important services: Software development, databases, IoT 

As an IT full-service provider, we-IT is also available to its corporate customers – beyond IT services and IT consulting – for the development of required software solutions and the management of databases. In addition, we-IT develops hardware solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) for its customers.  

Availability always, reliable support service 

Reliable support through good accessibility of we-IT’s experts is ensured by a combination of support available by phone, remote maintenance of all IT systems and on-site service. A technical expert (and his or her deputy) is permanently assigned to each of the companies supported by we-IT. Contractually defined response times and guaranteed response times ensure consistently reliable support.  

Basic Data Protection Regulation: Companies ensure unlimited data security with the support of we-IT GmbH 

The General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) places high demands on the collection and processing of personal data. Companies face heavy fines if data protection regulations are violated.  

The experienced consultants at we-IT GmbH provide their corporate customers with expert support in properly implementing the requirements of the DS-GVO. As part of a data protection audit, the we-IT consultants uncover any data protection gaps in discussions with company representatives and actively assist in the development of a comprehensive data protection concept. 

we-IT GmbH – Competence and commitment for company-specific IT solutions 

we-IT GmbH is a growing IT service provider whose customers include companies from Europe, America and Asia. Today, a subsidiary in Delaware (USA) is just as much a part of the company group of the IT service provider from Weßling as a branch office in Belgrade (Serbia).  

we-IT GmbH currently employs 25 people. Regular training ensures that the company’s employees are always up to date with the rapidly advancing technological developments in the IT sector. 

The company address of we-IT GmbH is Mischenrieder Weg 5, 82234 Weßling. The IT service provider can be reached by phone at +49 8153 99997-00. 

Further detailed information about we-IT GmbH, Weßling can be found on the company website https://www.we-it.de/.