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      Are you a well-established business and want to get in touch with more people and attract more clients? Are you a  start-up company, with master skills in your business but you still need a way to create leads and show your potential.
      In both cases, the route is the same – you need a masterpiece website in every single aspect!

      This is where our mutual story starts!

      WordPress Web Design/ Development services

      After getting to know you and your business, we will create a website design that is customized to you and your company. Due to a combination of visual delight and practicality, this design will present your company in the best light possible.

      WordPress is the No. 1 CMS worldwide

      Over 60 million businesses have created their own website using the WordPress platform. The simplicity of the WordPress platform and an appealing interface have enabled all users to independently update  website content.
      We use WordPress, which is currently the most popular CMS platform on the planet. WordPress has quickly grown in popularity because of its ability to quickly and easily interchange data on a website without the need for programming skills. It now powers more than 30% of all websites on the Internet! WordPress is designed with security in mind, and it’s regarded as a very secure platform for running a website.

      Man using laptop and working on wordpress dashboard
      Wordpress logo with circuits and lights surrounding logo

      These are some the benefits of WordPress website development:

      • Flexibility and ease of use for all types of users
      • Easy customization tweaks and upgrades
      • SEO-friendly code easily indexed by search engines / the best possible choice with focus on SEO
      • Advanced social network integration / marketing

      Our highly educated developers will suggest and provide a unique WordPress design and development service, adapted to your business needs.

      Why we-IT is a lead web development company

      Many businesses are failing at digital marketing today. The market is  overflowed with the same plain design, poor development and neither well-protected nor properly advertised websites! We are here to fix this – committed to customers’ success! We have developed all in one website packages tailored to fully cover all needs from starters to highly experienced companies – to fit your unique business and attract unique customers.

      All in one website development package for startups and bigger enterprises to bring your business to next level

      Does your startup require modern web presentation and you do not know where to start? Are you tired of chasing different actions like “buy a domain, find a proper hosting, find good agency to present your business in best light and finally – maintain it?
      Are you already an owner of a successful business, having web infrastructure but you are not satisfied with results you get? Here at we-IT we are offer exactly what you need, providing an all in one website package tailored to fully cover all your needs, taking care of your web infrastructure long term with focus on achieving your main goal – connecting your businesses with more customers!
      Besides the fact that we are one the biggest web development agencies – we are also an affordable one! Let’s have a quick overview of what you will get if you choose to work with us:

      Do you want a perfectly designed mobile-friendly website?

      Describe your business to us so we can assist you in reaching your objectives.

      Domain name registration / consultation / protection / migration

      Your domain name is your online identity. The domain name can contain the name of your company or the name of your activity, followed by a root level domain like .com, .de or thousands of others.

      We are using as our root website, but own other domains like and as well.

      If you already own a domain name, we make domain migration to us a seamless experience. We have a record of migrating domains with no visible downtime for your visitors or e-mail servers.

      Magnifying glass looking at www
      Server racks

      Reliable and Ultra-Fast Hosting

      Our WordPress hosting will provide you with fast, professional, and reliable service from the beginning. Your website will have daily backups of the files and databases, ensuring that if something goes wrong, we will be able to get it back quickly and effortlessly.

      Seamless Migration

      We offer migration from existing providers to our infrastructure, including domains, databases and e-mail. Our service is unique as we target a “no downtime approach”. Meaning visitors won’t notice any kind of service interruption during the migration. Your visitors will be able to load the webpage and still be able to send e-mails to you at all times.

      Speed Package

      You need even more speed? We got you covered! With our CDN package, content gets distributed to your site visitors from more than 100 data centers across the globe. Visitors will receive website content from the datacenter closest to them.

      We will further optimize your WordPress website and Plug-Ins to make sure content loads as fast as possible.

      Top-notch Design and Development

      Our highly experienced and professional team will first take decent time to really understand your business and audience. This will be used to create a website that blends beautiful and engaging design, with an excellent user experience, and focus on driving conversions. Your website should be your greatest sales and marketing representation, and design is an integral part of how you present your business to potential customers.
      Imagine your new website visitor – here is one scientific based fact: There can be tens of reasons for him/her to decide if they like your website, based on first impressions and become your customer but only 1 is enough to lose them forever. No matter how strong your business is, if a user exits immediately, they will never know.
      We are here to prove our professionalism and make sure both design and code quality will be a “magnet” for your potential customers!

      Screen with code on it
      Man pointing at holograph padlock

      Security Patching / Web Protection

      Security patching is a method of updating systems, applications, or software by inserting code to “patch” the vulnerability. This helps to protect the system from an attack. The issue with patches is that new vulnerabilities are constantly discovered, which means that new patches are constantly released to try to keep your systems secure.
      We provide a full patching service to assist our clients in continuously mitigating vulnerabilities and improving compliance.
      Modern website development and maintenance are facing big challenges today due to increasing hacking an malware attacks. The best way to avoid all these harms and unnecessary costs is to prevent these before infection. Prevention is always the better choice.

      SEO / Advertising / Marketing

      It’s not by accident that WordPress is one of the most popular website building platforms available on the internet today. WordPress won its top spot by being incredibly flexible, easy to deploy, and — perhaps even most importantly — intrinsically appealing to search engines.
      This is the place where we take part: We’re happy to help guide you through every aspect of optimizing your WordPress installation for search engine perfection.
      We will cover: technical audit, keyword research, detailed competitor research, content writing and finally marketing and advertising part (SEM) – as a separate service or included in All in one website development package. Feel free to get in touch via form and we will be happy to assist you!

      Tablet with graphs and stats
      Padlock on keyboard

      Maintenance (Security Updates, Backup, Firewall)

      Once the website is successfully published, many people think that they just need to sit and wait clients to visit their page to generate business and money instantly. But that’s not it – that’s just the beginning – it is time to start doing website maintenance or even better, hire professionals to do that for you.
      We will take care of up-time of your website(s), security and make sure everything is up-to-date on a weekly basis, covering: WP updates, backups, all security aspects and uptime monitoring. This leads to mutual satisfaction in every single way – you can relax and dedicate your time to the business part – while we cover your web infrastructure keeping it at the highest level, as required nowadays!

      WordPress Web Design services on a turnkey basis

      Web design
      WordPress Web Design

      Responsive mobile-first WordPress web design.

      WordPress SEO

      Optimization of your WordPress website, theme, and web hosting.

      WordPress speed optimization

      Optimization of the loading speed of your WordPress website.

      WordPress website maintenance

      WordPress platform, content, and plugins maintenance.

      WordPress security and protection

      Besides good SEO, speed optimization, and reliable hosting, it is necessary to protect your WordPress website.

      WordPress Hosting

      Superfast web hosting for your WordPress websites. Full SSD servers are located in Germany.

      Domain name
      Domain Name

      Register your unique domain name for your WordPress websites.

      Digital marketing
      Digital marketing

      Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn advertising.

      Do you want a perfectly designed mobile-friendly website?

      Describe your business to us so that we can assist you in reaching your objectives.

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      If you would also like to benefit from a practical and modern application, we are always there to provide you with reliable support.

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      With our products you benefit from all the advantages of cloud computing.

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