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      Expert cloud competence for all project types

      we-IT GmbH is a strong partner of Microsoft, offering you the best solutions to achieve all your project goals. Our Munich IT solutions, will provide your company the highest security level for your IT service and cloud computing solution.    

      The transformation of your existing environment to more modern solutions is taken care of by our team of experts in this field.    

      As your IT service and cloud computing provider, we will be working to align your systems with Microsoft Azure and to utilize the in-house use of cutting-edge cloud services.

      The cloud is quickly becoming the decisive step into the entrepreneurial future, and as a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can always present you with the most modern industry approaches.

      The benefits of our cloud services

      Working on the principle of Microsoft Azure, our Munich cloud service company will ensure a smooth integration of numerous functions that will keep your company’s technical operations up to date. The following list of benefits from using cloud services is imperative for your business to be keeping up with, in order to have an optimal work performance and a good alignment system for adopting new approaches to your existing working environment.

      Innovative developments
      Innovative developments and
      creation of new projects

      Azure knows no boundaries when it comes to implementing new projects. In the context of cutting-edge open source software, all frameworks are supported by us to increase the flexibility of your new operation. As a cloud solutions expert, we take care of the entire project creation as well as its management, letting benefit from an excellent overall implementation.

      Unlimited scalable systems
      Unlimited scalable

      Unlimited scalability of your applications is made possible with Azure. This is the only cloud in the world that can handle Hyperscale’s limitations of computing power and memory. Growth and storage are independent of one another, making the cloud the perfect foundation for success.

      Maximum security
      Maximum security of all systems

      Layered security at physical data centers makes the information in the cloud inaccessible for third parties. This provides tremendous data protection, further enhanced by ongoing monitoring by cybersecurity experts. Our work in the context of Microsoft Azure also enables us to provide additional protection of your company’s resources and optimization of internal operations. 

      Hybrid solutions
      Integration of cutting-edge hybrid solutions

      Thanks to the connection to the Windows server and the SQL server, you benefit from reduced server licenses and extensive security administration. These modern cloud features enable the implementation of a centralized management system and a comprehensive protection of your internal resources, which are secured at all times by a strong database consistency model. This way, the obsolete data can be migrated completely without code changes in the new systems.

      The cloud is quickly becoming the decisive step into the entrepreneurial future, and as a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can always present you with the most modern industry approaches.

      What exactly is Microsoft Azure?

      Azure is a highly scalable cloud computing platform from Microsoft that delivers the most advanced cloud services globally. Popular examples for some of their cloud solutions include IaaSPaaS and SaaS.  What’s more important is that all of their services are constantly being enhanced by Microsoft with new content and features. There’s even bigger emphasis on the business applications, for which Azure creates new opportunities in terms of increasing performance and making the entire cloud more flexible. This makes it possible for the business operations to work faster, and most importantly, more safely, as they rely on the countless possibilities in the global network. 

      IaaS – Infrastructure as a service- This is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the Internet. It is one of the four types of cloud services. 

      *PaaS – Platform as a Service is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud, with resources that enable you to deliver from simple to sophisticated applications.    

      *SaaS – Software as a Service is allowing users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet. 

      Cloud Lösungen

      Our modern Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

      Through Azure’s diverse solutions, we help small and mid-size businesses move all the way to the cloud. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we have exactly the right background to provide technical support to our partners and to guide them every step of the way. We also have the necessary experience in the cloud environment to ensure a complete adaptation to the framework of your projects. Our partnership with Microsoft Silver is also giving us the confidence that we are more than capable at endorsing your business developments as you make your way to the cloud. 

      If you would like to make use of such cooperation, we will prove ourselves to you on a regular basis. This is how we are distinguished in this industry, through our multifaceted knowledge in promoting digital transformation safely and effectively! 

      For small and medium-sized companies, the decision to use the cloud service is often the first step towards increasing the capacity of their operations and achieving faster and larger capital growth. 

      Together, we can help you to achieve the latest digital workplace and the most modern management system in the marketplace. 

      Cloud Lösungen

      Certified consulting for your cloud computing

      We are happy to work with you to develop completely new solutions that are made available to you by connecting to Microsoft Azure. Our entire team is certified by Microsoft MCP and we have many years of experience specializing in the Azure Cloud. We also use the most up-to-date concepts, enabling you to seamlessly operate hybrid solutions and giving your digital environment the most powerful tools and services. 

      As an experienced cloud partner, we are capable of naturally adapting our services to fit your needs and suggestions while optimizing your concepts, in the best way possible. With our support, managing your business resources will be a lot easier as you gain full control over your finances in each quarter. Based in professional data centers in countless locations, the cloud systems also offer outstanding security which will equip you with best state-of-the-art solutions. The following aspects are therefore to your advantage when using our Microsoft Azure services: 

      • Professional development of new cloud approaches with Microsoft Azure 
      • Simplify overall resources and power management 
      • Promote unlimited scalability for more growth 
      • Easy integration into existing IT environments and systems 

      Design your digital future with us

      For the digital enterprise of the future, the cloud is far more than just a simple option, but rather a necessity.  

      By providing Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions to many businesses, we have acquired a superior level of expertise that can benefit you as well. With Microsoft Azure, we enable you to seamlessly operate hybrid solutions and utilize cloud-based storage, so you can prepare for sustainable development in your business future. 

      Our resourcefulness, aiming to find the best implementation for you, knows no bounds. This drives us to work persistently on optimizing our offers, so that we can provide you with even better services. 

      Cloud Lösungen

      The cloud is quickly becoming the decisive step into the entrepreneurial future, and as a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can always present you with the most modern industry approaches. Therefore, we believe that you should dare to make a change in the current landscape of your company and make a great use of our extensive range of skills in cloud computing. We are already looking forward to working together on your projects and we will be more than happy to guide you in your digital transformation journey, every step of the way. 

      Competent Microsoft Solution Partner at your service

      For many years, we have been your certified Microsoft Partner and support you on your way moving to the Cloud. We help you with cutting-edge concepts and effective enhancements that allow you to optimize your operational potential.

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