Mercedes-Benz AG is one of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealerships operating in Central-West Europe with 34 branches scattered across Switzerland and 6 branches in Italy. It was pertinent for the dealership to keep all their remote agents synced and connected to updated data.


Mario Jost, a System Engineer at Mercedes-Benz AG explained: “We have 3rd party tablets operating on Windows 7 and the users needed to upgrade or downgrade the imaging versions on the tablets and they used USB sticks. The problem was, we didn’t know how to bring the software out to the users.”


Mercedes-Benz AG partnered with Resilio to create a dynamic connected workforce controlled by one central management console. With Resilio’s intelligent peer-to-peer distribution protocol as the foundation, field agents can always remain in sync with the latest updates to carry out their daily tasks.

Connect’s Central Management Console enabled managers to coordinate bandwidth scheduling throughout the peaks of the day so users aren’t disturbed during the work day.


Mercedes-Benz AG, slashed their OS deployment time from eight days to hours after using Resilio’s technology. The dealership avoided the cost of expensive servers and saved thousands by switching to Resilio. Resilio Connect’s distributed architecture leverages the combined power of all endpoints to deliver a solution that is faster and more reliable than anything else in the market.

“If we bought about 40 additional servers it would have been pretty expensive. Resilio is a much cheaper solution for us right now.”Mario Jost, Systems Engineer @Mercedes-Benz

The Future

After working with Resilio’s powerful technology, the dealership could expand to six new sites and transferred data from those new sites back to their main location at faster and more reliable speeds than they have ever experienced.

“What’s great about Resilio is that we are always in sync with data, we are always on time,” said Jost.

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