Modern messaging in the IoT area

Entrepreneurial messaging claims to be of the highest quality everywhere and at any time. For this reason, we have specialized in adapting the previous protocol to provide you with optimized and highly available messaging that best meets your needs. This creates a clear simplification for the entire process of operational communication, on which you can rely with us.

Professional transfer by modern SaaS protocols

The MQTT protocol is based in this respect on simplifying machine-to-machine communication and enabling a secure form of messaging between multiple devices. In the field of IoT communication, this application has become the standard protocol over time, so you should not refrain from using such a professional application.

In the field of complex application development, the MQTT protocol offers some relief on this basis and enables a holistic simplification of the previous processes. Especially in terms of performance, this solution offers enormous potential to always rely on a secure connection. Together with our support in the field of messaging as a service, the entire application complex can be significantly eased.

Maximum security through local hosting

Especially the security stands out clearly and allows you a holistic relief for the daily processes in the company. The protocol is managed directly via German data centers, so that the hosting always refers to the actual location of the application. In this way, it is possible to benefit from a high transmission speed and to keep all business partners up to date.

Here we take over the entire administration and can always ensure that the desired quality standards are implemented in the best possible way. The local data center is the central distributor, which ultimately enables the entire data exchange. Thus, no deep intrinsic knowledge is required for the user when it comes to application control and endpoint control. Of course, we take over all the necessary presettings for the use of the modern messaging system.

Continuous availability through SaaS services

Of course, a reliable data center also offers superior service. As a software as a service company, we attach great importance to direct and personal support in order to design existing concepts according to your wishes. On this basis, you will receive all the services of the messaging program in order to avoid communicative difficulties in the best possible way. This is made possible by constantly available systems at any time, which allows modern companies enormous comfort.

Originally, the MQTT protocol was developed for lower-resource devices and applications, but with our customizations, the amount of resources is no longer a yardstick. With effective concepts, we can adapt to any size of application in the best possible way to holistically promote networking for the IoT. Especially in the course of ongoing automation and digitalization, this approach is crucial to promote sustainable networking effectively and at the same time conserve resources.

Optimize messaging in company

Targeted arrangements and professional development of one’s own services are crucial for successful companies. That’s why we’re always happy to help you optimize your fixtures so you can benefit from our Software as a Service. So you can always keep track of all messages sent, and be sure to perfect your personal sessions. With the right support, each client benefits from the right opportunities.

With many years of experience we are in all respects your competent expert, who stands for an improvement of your specific developments. So you can take advantage of the numerous MQTT protocol features and can rely on a professional approach. We have made it our mission to expand your potential as best as possible and make all available functions usable. We make it possible for you to significantly improve the entire messaging at any time and upgrade your messaging to the modern protocol.

Our individual offers for your success

As your partner for messaging as a service, we are happy to present our modern concepts and enrich your daily work. So you stay flexible at all times and can count on getting a personalized service tailored precisely to your company’s performance. With creative approaches and technical expertise, we have already managed many projects successfully and are happy to be at your disposal.

We are happy to help you to simplify the development of the numerous SaaS tasks and to offer you professional concepts for the modern application in the IoT. Therefore, now focus on our central data centers and the many new possibilities that you can use with the adapted MQTT protocol. As your Messaging as a Service Partner, we look forward to hearing from you so that we can make you a non-binding offer.


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