Desktop-as-a-Service, known as DaaS – is a cloud-hosted solution that enables businesses in all kinds of sectors to facilitate their remote operations over the internet. It is traditionally deployed by third-party providers such as we-IT that handle the entire deployment, maintenance, and desktop security from end to end.

The most significant benefit of DaaS is the flexibility it offers to businesses from all sectors, regardless of the nature of their operations and where they are based. Using a virtual desktop environment that is highly available, accessible, and secure is no longer limited to the upper crust corporations that can afford to cover their own infrastructural costs. Desktop-as-a-Service is suited for companies of all sizes that run their operations partly or fully remotely and have end-users, scattered at various geographical locations on the world map.

Use cases of DaaS by industry



Keeping confidential data secure, compliant, and readily accessible is of utmost importance in the Healthcare sector. Thus, Desktop-as-a-Service has become invaluable for many healthcare providers in the last two years, who needed a robust desktop environment that can be used by practitioners and administration staff. DaaS allows users to access applications and files securely from any end-user device – only with the use of browser sessions – while they stay compliant with their local regulatory standards and patient confidentiality agreements.

E-commerce, Marketing, and SMBs


As you all may know by far, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become a real breakthrough for businesses in online retail, marketing, and sales in the last couple of years. Being able to rely on an inexpensive solution like DaaS that works perfectly with the standard tablet, mobile, and PC devices has made it possible for many SMBs to stay afloat and expand their operations at a minimum cost. Desktop-as-a-Services establishes a secure connection over a distributed network from a centralized location, which enables the safe operations of the entire remote workforce without any hassle.



Educational institutions benefit substantially from solutions like DaaS due to their cost-effectiveness and high agility. Not every school, college, or university can afford to purchase software licenses for students and academic staff on a regular basis so that thousands of users can stay connected whilst productive off and on campus. Desktop-as-a-Service comes in handy for the Educational sector since it eliminates all the maintenance and licensing costs, as well as the whole management hurdle for many user endpoints at a time.

Software vendors


Independent software vendors benefit from DaaS as much as any other sector away from the IT domain. By using an automated deployment such as cloud-based virtual desktops, developers can run multiple testing cycles for their new features and applications, without having to switch between different test machines, requiring the appropriate physical infrastructure. They can freely do their quality assurance tasks only by opening separate browser sessions from the convenience of their homes.

How do you know a DaaS provider can deliver what your business needs?


When you are on the lookout for a DaaS solution, you need to make sure that the providers on your list can meet all of your needs as a business in your respective sector. There are never two DaaS solutions alike because of the specific industry and company requirements that come with each client.

When you request additional information from your future provider, you need to make sure they have the technical capabilities and infrastructure to deploy the solution to all of your users, in the first place. Also, you should consider checking what backup & recovery options are there in case of disasters or disruptions so that you can ensure minimum downtime and high integrity of your company data. Not every Desktop-as-a-Service vendor is suited and booted with the right approach, methods, and systems that allow companies to be flexible AND safe while on the cloud.

If you believe your provider values data security enough, you can always inquire about additional cybersecurity features to your standard workstation setup, which usually includes patching and updates. Ask about extra layers of security such as data monitoring tools, endpoint, and identity security tools, multi-factor authentication, and vulnerability scanning that prevent threats long before they reach the end-user.

With all things said, it is clear that DaaS delivers to all businesses but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We encourage you to make sure you do your bit of research and find a cloud desktop environment that matches your industry and business requirements to the dot!