Digitization for companies

Digitization is nowadays taking hold of all areas of society. This makes it all the more important for companies to comprehensively adjust to the digitization of the world of work, to develop a perfect concept and to consistently implement it.

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Prepare digital transformation

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Considerations before action!

Prepare digital transformation

There are countless papers and expert opinions on how companies should face the challenges of a digitized world. The bottom line is primarily about the technology itself, ie the optimization of individual areas by digital tools.

The starting point of a digitization concept should be the questioning of the organizational models and processes, only in this way companies develop the opportunity to realign themselves, to optimize their processes and thus to become really innovative, agile and efficient. So the corporate strategy is already on the test bench and must be adapted to the new technological possibilities. We will gladly show you how digital technologies can only be integrated into support – discuss your project with us in detail.


Digitization in companies

Process optimization required

As we are constantly coming to dilemma and dual theories in our work as digitalization specialists, the means and the purpose are often reversed: first, it should be about process optimization before considering the use of digital tools, even though the latter is inherently simpler. Rethinking business models and processes and bringing life to a modern corporate culture every day requires not only comprehensive consideration, but above all effort and consistency. But this is the only way to achieve sustainability in terms of digitization – we accompany you professionally through this process.

First of all, we focus on the needs of a company, analyze the processes and then outline the technical requirements. Most importantly, when it comes to digitalization in companies, we make sure that the various components are perfectly coordinated with each other: The tools are becoming the means by which we come closer to the purpose. That way we avoid the problems that result from the chaotic implementation of individual tools. If the processes involved are not known in their entirety, the real need can only then be recognized – the solution can not lead to the desired success.

Digitization of the working world

Focus office

Already the paperless office requires extensive preliminary considerations: Of course, the digitization of files should always be striven for, but it must be taken into account from the outset that these are also to be stored in a legally secure manner and yet be available to a wide range of users. That’s why we adapt the document management system to the specific requirements, provide it with clearly defined access rights, and ensure smooth communication with any end device – make sure to check it out for yourself.

Only if all aspects are considered in detail in advance and captured in the context of the internal processes, we can develop a stringent solution for your administration. But then we can make it happen that companies can use virtual fax solutions and send their e-mails in a legally secure manner – traditional fax machines and mail shippers are in principle eliminated. But our work as specialists for digitization Bavaria will not stop there, as we would like to explain in detail – just contact us  directly .


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„Digitization is also a real challenge for us . The expertise of we-IT GmbH has served us well in strategic considerations. Based on recommendations, we were able to successfully complete the relevant projects and generate earnings for our company.“
Gert K.
Multinational company (100,000 employees)

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